Orgonomic therapy is a dynamic modality that works to return you to a systemic baseline of self-regulation and ease. Orgonomic biophysical work involves the use of increased respiration, physical mobilization, and hands on physical manipulation to release constricted muscles and allow for the full expression of withheld feelings and action impulses. 

Orgonomic therapy was developed through the poineering work of Wilhelm Reich, who is regarded by many as the founder of the field of somatic psychology. Grounded in extensive training, practice, and research, Reich developed a holistic modality to address the chronic and systemic biophysical contractions connected with psychological and physiological illness and distress.

Orgonomic therapy is something that we can discuss further and incorporate into our work together if we decide that this would be a beneficial treatment modality for you. It can support deep and lasting change for both physiological and psychological issues such as:

  • Migraine headaches, insomnia, chronic digestive issues
  • Lack of sensation, chronic muscle tension
  • Depression, anxiety and panic
  • Impaired sexual functioning, issues with intimacy