You belong to many communities, and you bring them with you into the therapy room. And the work you do in therapy returns with you to your communities—to the people and places that you love, connect with, care for, and are passionate about.   

We will work together in a way that supports your development as an individual and as a community member, knowing that the distinction between the two is very porous. We will resource the experience of your body as a convergence zone—a place where inner and outer, the individual and the social meet. We will seek to understand the ways that your somatic experience is embedded within broader social landscapes.



The personal is political—and the political is personal. Resistance against oppressive systems seeks to heal our social and political institutions which have become unjust under the influence of power and privilege. Therapy from a social justice approach is also a political act. We will seek to bring greater clarity to the ways oppressive systems have impacted your experience at the intersection of your many identities. 

Activists and organizers are often moved to their work because they themselves and people they love have first-hand experience with the violences of oppressive systems. In the front lines of the struggle for justice there is a greater risk for exposure to both vicarious and direct trauma as well as compassion fatigue. With much needed attention focused outwards in the service of others and larger issues, it can be easy to loose track of your own hurts and needs. Therapy can be an important place for you to care for yourself and heal your own wounds as you continue to fight for the healing of the larger harms caused by oppressive systems. Rediscover your passion and become inspired by the resiliency of those whom you work to protect. 



The creative process is an embodied process.  Make contact with the deep visions, impulses, and knowings that inhabit your inner experience.  Use sensation and movement to immerse yourself in the unfolding process and expand your expressive vocabulary.

Art is a medium of expression that holds the possibility to purposefully capture and concentrate aspects of our experience. As you delve into different modes of knowing yourself and move through the blocks that inevitably arise you can rediscover new wellsprings of inspiration and possibility.



Healers often have firsthand experience with the injuries they seek to address in others. Therapy can provide an opportunity to intimately examine your own injuries and walk the path of healing, thus transforming them into invaluable sources of understanding, connection, and commitment in your work with others.

Grow in your capacity to hold suffering, and in your confidence to aid the people and communities you serve. Discover ways to use your innate resiliency and self-care to bulwark yourself against vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.



Grow in your ability to contact the unfolding process and expand any moment into a learning experience. You know that learning is more than transferring information. It is a process and an experience that is both deeply relational and embodied. Knowing what an individual or group needs to further their learning experience and how to engage with them starts with you.

Expand your awareness of the rhythms of your nervous system and physiology, become attenuated to your sensations, feelings, and impulses. And in the process learn how to engage others more effectively in their own embodied learning process.